3.) She’s a mom.

One particular thing that makes this porn star shine so brightly is that she is a proud working mother of two. In 2008, Taylor Rain had a baby girl with her husband, Keith O’Connor. She would name that little baby Emma. Two years later, in 2009, Rain would have one more daughter with O’Connor named Paisley. This, to many of her fans is not only admirable but also hot as hell. The fact that she can continue a rocking career in the adult film industry and be able to maintain a quaint family lifestyle on the side shows proof of a true, hard working woman. To say that isn’t hot is just blasphemy. Her kids might have some fun when it comes time for Parents Career Day… Explaining what their mom does to a classroom full of other six year olds could be interesting, but on the other hand, at least with kids, she could now be liable to be featured in some MILF-style films…

2.) She is currently working in real estate

Recently, Taylor Rain dropped out of the adult film world to get into a field that was much more platonic, to say the least. After having two children, she actually decided that it was now time for  a new chapter in her life, and that meant to get a more appropriate job for her to raise a family with. This particular career in Taylor’s case would be that of the realty market. Taylor got her license and went right to work, gaining a whole entire palette of clients that call her to seek help with buying, flipping or renovating their houses. Since about three years ago, she has been a realtor, and has used her original birth name, Nicole Price as her name on her realtor page. She’s out there in LA, acting like any typical woman, just plainly selling condos now. One can only imagine going to look at a place, knocking on the door and having Taylor Rain answer the door- but dressed as a real estate agent. Some would think this is some kind of kinky joke, and that is probably the only logical thought that could run through one’s head after finding something like this out. Many would definitely come to believe that they just got selected to star in a realty based adult film.

1.) She smokes weed

One bad ass trait that most guys look for in an adult film star is that the star is actually badass in real life. In this case, one day in 2007, Taylor Rain was pulled over by a state trooper who found traces of marijuana on her. He claimed she was high and that she had been driving under the influence that evening. According to news coverage, Rain was sentenced to twenty days in jail for this act of criminal activity. When she got out of jail, however, she was praised for being an activist in the marijuana world. The irony of this whole situation plays out that she was arrested in California, about five years before weed was legalized. Nevertheless, it’s pretty hot that she was arrested for weed.

In the video below, Nicole Price or “Taylor Rain” gives tips on selling homes!