3 Tips to Get Started in the Adult Industry

3.) Understand the Industry

First, before anything you’ll have to seriously ask yourself if the adult industry is the right industry for you. From an outside perspective, porn looks like the perfect job for actors who are adventurous and sexually-active. You get money to have sex almost every day, and the salary is believe it or not pretty decent once you begin your career. However, porn comes with a whole list of issues as well, and there might just be more risks than perks with the anticipated benefits. Things to remember could be your appearance. Once on screen, remember you’ll be online forever, even if you want and change jobs. You have to make the space in your day to always stay in tip top shape, eat the right foods, and always be soapy clean and healthy. Remember the sex you’re having is definitely not for fun.  You are doing it because it’s your career. Look forward to the romance and impulse of sex to go away during a 4-hour film shoot. Keeping a devoted relationship alive while working in the adult industry can be next to impossible, as jealousy is a very natural feeling.

2.) Getting Your First Audition

It’s important to keep in mind that every body type is beautiful, and fruitful, in this industry. One of the most thoughtful aspects of porn is how broad it is. There is a adoration for almost any kind of man or woman on the interweb, almost any type of man or woman can find a fetish within the many genres of the adult industry. What matters most is having a big self-esteem while on camera, not how you look. Therefore, always remember to you reveal the greatest side of you for the camera. Work out, eat healthy, and keep a  good posture and the world is your oyster when it comes to being on camera.

1.) Building a Real Career In Porn

Sign with a talent agency that represents adult film stars. These agencies will assist you with booking gigs, protecting you in case of disputes regarding contracts, and allow you to meet with other stars and producers. There is actually list of licensed adult agencies and it can be found on the LATATA website, and there is an option where you are able to contact them with your portfolio full of pictures, past movies, and any other questions you might have. Look at all of their websites and discover one that is right for you, fitting all your desires, and boundaries. Some big, popular agencies may include: LA Direct. OC Modeling, Burning Angel, Spiegler Girls, Lucas Entertainment and World Modeling. Create a screen name for your porn persona. Although there’s really no rule that says that you can’t use your given name, it is often advised to leave everything regarding your career under wraps if you create a new name, otherwise known as ‘’nom de porn.’’  You can pick anything, from the naturally sounding Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson to the more unnaturally sounding Moe the Monster or Brick Steel.

Watch the video below to see how Channon Rose got into the adult industry!